Doodle Bomber 7

Doodle Bomber 7 is easy to learn, hard to master. A game where you control the firing of bombs from an airship and biplane as you traverse a canyon filled with targets. In a race against time you must hit more targets than the computer. Clearing all the targets in canyon opens up another.

Exclusive to Windows Phone since May 2012. (30,000+ downloads to date)

New features comming in version 3 this year.

You are the gunner in a WW1 era airship flying back and forth over a canyon filled with targets. Your job is to release the bomb at the right time to hit as many targets as possible. The airship will change altitude and speed on each pass. After a few passes the airship will be replaced by a biplane with a smaller bomb and flying a little faster. Initially you control Jabberwock, a green airship. The CPU will also try to hit all the targets at the same time as you, score more hits than the CPU and you get to add the points to your total. Clearing all the targets unlocks the next canyon.
Special achievements unlock more airships, these airships have different characteristics some slower, some faster, some with bigger bombs or smaller bombs. Particular airships suit specific canyons.